SSP_Slov-01_2015-061 Description: Bistrica stream, detail view of turbulent water flowing around rocks covered by textured ice and icicles, Gorenjska, Slovenia Keywords: Balkans, Format, Gorenjska, Julian Alps, North Face, Pericnik Falls, Slap Pericnik, Slavic, Slovenia, Slovenian, Triglav, Triglav National Park, Upper Carniola, Vlata Valley, bank, banks, blur, cascade, country, crystals, edge, effect, environment, environs, europe, flow, flowing, freezing, frozen, horizontal, ice, intimate landscape, landscape, landscape mode, motion, motion blur, movement, nature, outdoors, river, scenery, scenic, season, seasons, smooth, view, water, waterfall, winter Dimensions: 5184 x 3456 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 1/6 sec at f / 11 Focal Length: 175 mm ISO: ISO 100 Copyright: