SSP_Slov-01_2015-041 Description: Medieval town centre of Radovljica with Gothic houses, frescoes on stucco facades, stone fountain with statue, dedicated to philanthropist Josipini Hocevar, Radovljica, Slovenia Keywords: Art, Balkans, Format, Gorenjska, Gothic, Julian Alps, Middle Ages, Radovljica, Romanesque, Slavic, Slovenia, Slovenian, Upper Carniola, accommodation, age, architecture, art work, building, buildings, city, construction, country, decorated, decoration, depiction, door, doorway, dwelling, entrance, environs, europe, exterior, facade, famous, figure, fountain, fresco, frescoed, frescoes, habitation, historic, historical, history, home, house, landmark, living, medieval, memorial, monument, oil, old, ornate, outdoors, outside, paint, painted, painting, paved, pavement, piazza, plaza, portrait mode, residence, scenery, scenic, sculpture, sightseeing, statue, stone, street, structure, stucco, tourism, tourist attraction, town, town center, town centre, town square, traditional, vertical, view, wall, window Dimensions: 3347 x 4591 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 1/400 sec at f / 7,1 Focal Length: 95 mm ISO: ISO 400 Copyright: