SSP_Slov-01_2015-036 Description: Medieval town centre of Radovljica Gothic house, peeling stucco facade with wrought iron lamp next to window with opposite window reflected, Radovljica, Slovenia Keywords: Balkans, Format, Gorenjska, Gothic, Julian Alps, Middle Ages, Radovljica, Romanesque, Slavic, Slovenia, Slovenian, Upper Carniola, accommodation, age, architecture, building, buildings, city, close up, closeup, construction, country, detail, door, doorway, dwelling, entrance, europe, exterior, facade, habitation, historic, historical, history, home, house, lamp, living, medieval, objects, old, outside, piazza, plaza, portrait mode, reflection, residence, street, structure, town, town center, town centre, town square, traditional, vertical, view, water, window Dimensions: 3456 x 5184 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 1/400 sec at f / 7,1 Focal Length: 104 mm ISO: ISO 400 Copyright: