SSP_Slov-01_2015-011 Description: Lake Bled: Church of Assumption of Mary on island, with snowy range of Julian Alps beyond in tranquil blue -pink sunrise sky, all reflected in calm waters at dawn, panorama view, Bled, Slovenia Keywords: Assumption of Mary, Balkans, Baroque, Bled Island, Christian, Church, Format, Gorenjska, Gothic, Julian Alps, Lake Bled, Middle Ages, Romanesque, Slavic, Slovenia, Slovenian, Upper Carniola, age, architecture, bell tower, blue, building, buildings, calm, cold, colourful, construction, country, dawn, daybreak, daytime, early, environment, environs, era, europe, exterior, facade, historic, historical, history, holy, horizontal, island, lago, lake, landscape, landscape mode, medieval, morning, mountain, mountains, nature, old, outdoors, panorama, panorama stitch, pink, reflection, religion, religious, sacred, scenery, scenic, season, seasons, sky, skyscape, snow, spire, structure, style, sunrise, time, tower, tranquil, view, vista, water, white, winter, worship Dimensions: 10823 x 3387 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 1,6 sec at f / 8,0 Focal Length: 31 mm ISO: ISO 100 Copyright: