SSP_Slov-01_2015-001 Description: Ljubljana dawn: view of the Ljubljanica river with Market buildings lights and Triple Bridge reflected in calm water, cathedral spires and bare tree branches rising into indigo blue sky, Ljubljana, Slovenia Keywords: Balkans, Cathedral, Christian, Church, Format, Gothic, Ljubljanica river, Llubljana, Market Building, Middle Ages, Romanesque, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Saint Nicholas' Church, Slavic, Slovenia, Slovenian, age, architecture, bank, banks, blue, bridge, building, buildings, construction, country, dark, daytime, edge, environment, environs, europe, exterior, facade, flow, flowing, historic, historical, history, holy, horizontal, illumination, indigo, landscape, landscape mode, medieval, morning, nature, night lights, old, outdoors, pre-dawn, reflection, religion, religious, river, sacred, scenery, scenic, sky, spire, structure, time, tower, view, water, worship Dimensions: 5184 x 3456 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 8,0 sec at f / 13 Focal Length: 28 mm ISO: ISO 250 Copyright: