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SSP2013_01-48 Description: Trapani windmill with red cone top and mesh sails, between the network of sea water channels, where salt used to be extracted, illuminated at twilight with orange sky and fluffy cumulus clouds darkening dramatically overhead, Trapani, Sicily, Italy Keywords: Format, Italia, Italian, Italy, Sicilia, Sicily, South, Trapani, architecture, beauty, blades, blue, brick, building, buildings, channels, city, clouds, coast, coastal, colourful, country, dark, dramatic, dusk, environs, europe, evening, extraction, grey, illumination, lamps, lighting, lights, night, night lights, orange, outdoors, path, paving, portrait mode, sails, saline, salt pans, scenery, scenic, sea, sky, skyscape, structure, sundown, sunset, time, traditional, twilight, vertical, view, walkways, water, windmills Dimensions: 3447 x 4309 Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Exposure: 1/25 sec at f / 8,0 Focal Length: 135 mm ISO: ISO 400 Copyright: © PHOTOempt 2012